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2020: The harvest exceeds expectations

The Quinta took on a new life. The vineyards, full of grapes, were ready to be harvested. The transformation process began with a mixture of magic, a feeling of togetherness and joint happiness. Genuine moments which highlight a turning point in this year's restlessness: so was the harvest of 2020 at Quinta da Raza.

Our soul dresses in the ancestral traditions which characterize our wine so greatly. Walking side by side with tradition, at Quinta da Raza, we respect and follow the traditional harvesting process. We harvest our grapes by hand, tread the red grapes in millenary granite stone lagares and our knowledge, combined with modern, bold and innovative technology, helps us create our great Vinho Verde wines.  

This year, the harvest arrived earlier to our home.  The year has been relatively dry and mild temperatures have arrived ahead of schedule, which anticipated the whole harvest process about 15 days ahead of 2019. By the end of August, the grapes, with perfect quality, were already at the desired ripening point, ready to be harvested. 

The transformation process began with a mixture of magic, in a feeling of togetherness and joint happiness. The commitment and affection of our harvesters when picking the grapes, when unloading all the baskets in the lagares was palpable in this family passion, which spans generations and is felt in every drop. At this stage, there is no rush, as the different varieties must be harvested at the exact ripening point. After the harvest, it is time for the winery to continue doing its work in a festive and convivial environment, for a great year of production. Experienced and dedicated employees smell the fermentation aroma with a smile on their lips, recalling the annual joy of seeing the result of hard work safely kept. 

They were the most genuine and unforgettable moments of the year. Today, the fermentation of juices is proceeding at a good pace and soon we will be able to taste and evaluate the new harvest. We foresee excellent harvests, due to the excellent performance of the grape varieties Arinto, Avesso, Alvarinho and Padeiro.

However, and above all, it is our ancestral roots marked by a bold character and the way we care for our vineyards, in perfect symbiosis with nature and the biodiversity which surrounds us, that make our soul be felt in our wines. Each bottle, bottled with our unmistakable DNA, raises the quality and excellence of Quinta da Raza.