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Harvest 2020 - What can we expect from the Vinho Verde wines?

We are at the highlight of the year at Quinta da Raza, harvesting the fruit resulting from long months of work and dedication. Certainly, everyone is curious about what to expect from the 2020 Harvest and how our Vinho Verde wines will be. We can unveil it a little. 

Expectations are high and we are very excited about this harvest! At Quinta da Raza, after the initial anxiety, since the flowering occurred about 10 days earlier than usual, the fears disappeared when a healthy and regular growth of the grapes was observed

The mild climate which was felt during the months of July and August in Celorico de Basto contributed to a final period of exceptional ripening of the grapes. We expect that, with this panorama, the result of the wines reflects the serenity and balance with which nature has offered the Quinta da Raza vineyards

The continuity of good weather, during the harvest which is taking place, is allowing the maintenance of the natural freshness of the grapes of this region and will enhance the aromatic profile of the Vinho Verde wines.  

The grape harvest is one of the highlights of the year in every farm because it is the moment you begin to touch upon the result of hard work which takes place over several months of growth of the vineyards. In 2020, the average production per vineyard is slightly below other years, but the increase in the planted area contributes to the maintenance of the quantities produced in previous years.  

Which grape varieties could be the biggest stars of the year? 

From what we can see so far, by analysing the ripening controls as well as the musts already in the cellar, Quinta da Raza's Vinho Verde wines are on a remarkable path. "We are extremely happy with all the varieties! However, we have found that the freshness, flavour and balance perceived in the Alvarinho, Avesso, Arinto and Azal grape varieties overcome our expectations", says Pedro Campos, Winemaker at Quinta da Raza.

A few weeks of harvest are still ahead of us and the whole team of local grape harvesters is committed, with great motivation, always keeping in mind the respect for your health and that of others. At this stage, there is no rush, as the different varieties must be harvested at the exact point of ripening!  

In the cellar, experienced and dedicated workers smell the fermentation aroma with a smile on their faces, remembering the annual joy of seeing the result of hard work, safely kept. 

But there is still a long way to go. At Quinta da Raza we respect the old saying that tells us that " until we wash the baskets, the harvest is not over”, but the truth is that, as a result of our experience, we are very excited about 2020 and the excellent wine year!