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How did Portuguese wines adapt to this new world context?

There is no sector that, in any way, has remained indifferent to this global pandemic. With several countries suffering severe damage to the economy and with the need for lockdown in order to slow down the progression of the virus, thousands of live wine events and tastings that were scheduled across the globe were cancelled. In March, the cancellation of Prowein, one of the major world events for the wine sector, gave this indication that Portuguese wines had to create alternative strategies. 

In a sector characterized by face-to-face contact and the importance of establishing commercial partnerships, this type of context changes the vision of the business and makes it real for the "necessary to be the mother of invention”. 

And, once again, the Portuguese people were an example giving alternative answers. The adaptation of production lines for the creation of essential products - such as alcohol gel - the creation of online directories with the various national wine producers or the development of online events are some of the examples that have marked these last months. It is now expected, a possible upturn for the strengthening of business!  

The case of Quinta da Raza

At Quinta da Raza we don't sit back during adversity times! In fact, with more than 250 years of tradition and in the 5th generation of winemakers, we have resilience as an intrinsic characteristic. And at a time when Portuguese wines needed to embrace change, Quinta da Raza maintained its activity. 

Despite all the necessary conditions and adaptations - complying with all the rules imposed by the General Directorate of Health and the competent entities - to guarantee maximum safety for employees, their families and the integrity of the wines, the vineyard did not stop and neither did we!

During the period of lockdown, we saw the sprout of the first buds which show the good pace of vine growth. In the cellar, the washing of the vats was also continuous, to receive the wine with the necessary hygiene conditions. 

The reinforcement of online communication and the sending of our wines directly to the customers' homes was one of the focus of Quinta da Raza. In this period strongly influenced by changing consumer habits, many were those who ordered through digital media for the first time.

The reinforcement of the online channel was also marked by the opening of the Quinta da Raza Online Store - available since mid-May - through the address online.quintadaraza.pt and which aims to be a privileged means of access to our Vinho Verde wines. It is there that you can directly order all references from our portfolio, without leaving your home. Have you placed your order?