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How we have approached 2020

At Quinta da Raza we don't sit back in times of adversity! In fact, with more than 250 years of tradition and five generations of producing wine we have resilience and perseverance as an intrinsic characteristic. With a fantastic team of people working with us, the oldest working at our home for over 40 years and the remaining agricultural members of the team for over 20 years, we sincerely thank them for their commitment and determination to brave the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quinta da Raza has maintained its activity and the development of the projects planned for this year. Despite some delay in the achievement of some projects, we are happy to inform you that we have completed the construction of the facilities dedicated to the wine tourism.

For the 4th time, Portugal was considered the best destination in Europe at the World Travel Awards! Due to the diversity of offer and its unique beauty, the demand for leisure experiences in the interior of the country is increasing with regard to wine tourism programs, Quinta da Raza has planned many surprises for the year 2021. We are very happy for the worldwide recognition that has been given to the Tâmega Valley.

Quinta da Raza, together with other important players and partners, will do everything to raise the reputation of these interior territories connected by the Tâmega River.: Celorico de Basto | Route of the Romanesque

Celorico de Basto | Romanesque Route | 2020

The reinforcement of online communication was essential to strengthen relations with our partners and customers and to bring our wines to different corners of the world. In addition to a monthly article that always highlights the most relevant news and events, we also have been sending a monthly newsletter to the friends of Quinta da Raza and, more recently, we launched the Quinta da Raza Wine Club, which has been a huge success.
The online store, https://www.online.quintadaraza.pt/pt/, at a time when the guidelines for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people’s movement and freedom, has been essential in getting our wines to the homes of our most loyal consumers. Much of the philosophy of the Quinta da Raza is to show wine lovers the different characteristics of the great variety of grape varieties that populate our region and therefore, to improve the understanding of our products. You can find in our store some themed packs that aim to improve the experience of tasting our wines.
The 2020 harvest campaign is already on the market :-)
The relatively dry year 2020 with mild temperatures contributed to the quality of our grapes and we are extremely satisfied with the wines from this harvest. These are wines that express the characteristics of the grape varieties and the place where they were created and that convey a clarity and freshness very similar to the sensations that the nature of the Basto region provides us.
The coming year will bring great challenges for all of us, but because the challenges are to be faced head on, Quinta da Raza has already started preparing a new cycle, a new rebirth of nature in which the vineyard will renew itself and show us the resilience that characterises it. So, we also have to be resilient in the face of harder times and wait serenely for sunnier days.