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Perfect wines for summer!


Summer is the time for garden parties, picnics and days at the beach, while enjoying light and refreshing wines.

It is here in the far west of Europe that sites Quinta da Raza, an Estate that produces wine in a region where qualities like lightness and freshness have always been cherished and understood, the Vinho Verde Region. The Northwest of Portugal can almost be called by its most modern name, "Vinho Verde Region”, all because of its predominant wine product, which is a testament to both how serious we take Vinho Verde and how important it is for our region.

Vinho Verde means freshness, usually found as a light young wine, often bottled three to six months after harvest, can also present itself more complex with some tank and bottle aging. About 85 percent of wines produced in the region are white, but red, rosé and even a sparkling wine variant exist. The traditional grape varieties of our region such as Alvarinho, Avesso, Azal, Arinto or Trajadura give the wine a charming fruit, often surrounded by subtle floral notes.

The cooling proximity of the Atlantic and its influence on the climate ensure an indisputable connection to summer. Fresh, but not aggressive, our wines still retain a fine sprightliness, characteristic well appreciated by consumers all over the world. Summer activities like picnics and barbecues are perfect moments for sipping a lively fresh young wine. Quinta da Raza wines also make the ideal summer wines because of their excellent suitability for light meals, salads, vegetable dishes and, above all, fish and seafood from the grill, which are undoubtedly summer friendly dishes.

Every time we see the words Vinho Verde and Summer in the same sentence, we cannot help thinking about a beach chair, a table with a bucket of ice, a couple of glasses and a bottle of Quinta da Raza. Our wines are, not only, but certainly the perfect summer wines.