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The grape variety Arinto


The Arinto variety is, according to the Viticulture Commission of the Vinhos Verdes Region, "grown practically throughout the region under the name of 'Pedernã”, and it reaches "its highest level of quality in the more inland areas of the region”.

Its wide geographical distribution indicates that it is one of the oldest Portuguese white varieties and, therefore, has numerous synonyms such as 'Azal Espanhol' or 'Azal Galego' in Amarante, 'Pé de Perdiz' in Cabeceiras de Basto, 'Perdigão' in Mondim and further south of the region by 'Chapeludo'.

A vigorous, low-fertility variety, Arinto produces large, very compact and heavy bunches, which makes it very productive, a characteristic that gives a great esteem by winegrowers. However, its best qualities are expressed in the wines, its versatility allows it to give rise to excellent sparkling wines, young and aromatic wines and wines that can age in wood. It produces fresh wines with great structure and complexity.

Used in a large part of the Vinho Verde Region to produce blends, it is in the more inland areas that it manages to express its greatest potential and where its presentation as a single varietal wine is more common.

At Quinta da Raza, Arinto is the most planted variety, its excellent adaptation to more inland climates and the Estate clayey soil, makes it one of our favourites and that is why it is used in three of our wines.

In Quinta da Raza Espumante where it completes a majority blend of Avesso and Alvarinho, contributing with its acidity and vivacity to the freshness of this wine.

In the Raza White where its freshness, aromas of tropical fruits and light floral, combined with Azal and Trajadura lend the wine a traditional, relaxed character with a lightness much appreciated by Vinho Verde consumers.

In Dom Diogo Arinto, already a classic of the house and of the region, its tropical nuances, stone fruit and a light floral, convey a great complexity and length to the wine.

Ideal to accompany light summer cuisine, our wines with Arinto are perfect for salads, fish, seafood and a wide variety of finger foods.

In short, it is a variety that produces high quality wines and that can certainly help improve your culinary experiences this summer. Let yourself be seduced by its aromas and freshness and discover the full potential of this variety.