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What wines to drink in summer?


Summer calls for light wines, versatile and served chilled. At this time of year, most of us are in the mood to relax, to enjoy a good glass of wine, some snacks and a good dose of sun... all in moderation, of course!

How to choose your wine in summer?

The longer days and hotter temperatures of summer can make you want to cool off with a glass of wine, but you have to choose wisely! How to select the wines that will please you most in these warm and relaxing moments?

You can do it because of the colour and, in this case, we recommend a beautiful, light, fresh and pleasant rosé like our Dom Diogo Padeiro. Imagine enjoying a glass of iced rosé with friends by the pool, by the sea or with a few snacks. Dom Diogo Padeiro is the perfect wine to celebrate sunny days and, to ensure its freshness, do not forget to place it well in advance in the refrigerator and then in a bucket of ice water to prevent it from heating up under the rays of the sun.

If you prefer red wines, we have the king of barbecue for you!! Our Dom Diogo Vinhão, a red wine with a deep colour, but full of freshness, which is perfect to accompany grilled meats and should be served at a temperature between 12 and 14°C.

However, the undisputed king of summer is white wine. Our whites, with their natural freshness, are perfect for the hottest days. Their versatility is amazing and they can be sipped on more relaxing moments or accompany your aperitifs, especially if shellfish is involved. You won’t believe how well our Quinta da Raza Gouveio pairs with some oysters.