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Winter Whites - Going against tradition


It might be cold and rainy, the days might be short, but you should not be afraid to drink white wine in the winter. Many drinkers turn to red wine when the weather turns cool. But there are many white wines that are better suited to colder weather and heavier dishes, than to summer slurping. Call them winter wines.

There’s a place at the table, and in the calendar, for voluptuous whites made from grapes like Alvarinho and Avesso. Winter white wines can offer a welcomed reprieve from the heavy reds, mostly closely associated with the season. They can be rich whites, with a silky, viscous texture and a core of honey that takes years to reach its apogee and pairs brilliantly with cream sauces, poultry and cheeses.

Here are two white wines full of freshness and vitality which invigorate with their spring airs, but which also have their place in winter.

Quinta da Raza Family Collection Nº1 - 2019

This white wine will transport you to Portugal Northern Basto Region near the Alvão mountains, It is a Special Family edition signed by the producer, made with Alvarinho, Avesso and Azal grapes. It has a rich texture and flavours; tasting notes are spices, almond, honey and citrus peel. If that doesn't sound like the perfect pairing for cold days, we're not sure what does!

Quinta da Raza Avesso Alvarinho - 2018

This white wine is made with Avesso and Alvarinho grapes, 10% of this wine aged in oak barrels for one year . It is a wine that breaks the preconception that Vinho Verde is not for aging. Tasting notes are apple, almond, honey and tangerine. Let yourself be surprised by this unusual winter white.

Surprise yourself! You'll find that some white wines even pair better with your favourite winter dishes than reds do. Dare to discover them!