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Phenological Stages of Vine G and H - Bunches and Flower Separated Buds


The vine goes through several vegetative stages during its annual cycle. We are now in phases G and H, Bunches and Flower Separated Buds, these phases precede flowering and are characterized by presenting well-developed bunches and, in some cases, clearly separated flower buds. This last phase appears about a month after sprouting.

At Quinta da Raza, these phases are important stages of the cycle because they mark the moment when we can estimate the yield of the next harvest, a moment that every year causes some anxiety and emotion in the producer.

It is also at this time that some analyses are carried out on the leaves to check whether the plant has any nutritional deficiency. The analysis of the petioles makes it possible to assess the assimilation levels of the vine, right at the beginning of spring, of all the essential elements for its growth and also, later, for the maturation of its grapes (potassium, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc.).

It is in these phases that the growth of the plant shows higher values and you can almost see the branches growing, such is the "will" of the plant to develop. The growth rate will accelerate until flowering and then slow down until the plant is dormant again.

But not everything is perfect, it is at this time that the plant is more sensitive to attack by its natural enemies, namely fungi, but also by some insects that eat the new shoots, it is therefore a time for extra care on the part of the producer and once again, weather forecasts are extremely important so that the producer can anticipate all the care to be taken with the plants.

The cycle will not stop here and nature will continue its path towards its objective, which is the production of seeds so that a new generation of vines can germinate. Fortunately for all oenophiles, the maturation of the seeds also leads to the maturation of the fruits and this gives us the possibility of transforming them into the most iconic drink ever created by human beings, the WINE.