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Quinta da Raza Vineyards Collection


A "Quinta” that produces wine can include one or more vineyards, contain one or more grape varieties and produce several types of wine. The name of each vineyard is unique and often linked to the owner of the estate, its location, the type of soil or the surrounding landscape. Each vineyard has its "terroir” with its special characteristics that give rise to different wines.

At Quinta da Raza we decided to celebrate the differences of each vineyard by bottling wine from some of our most iconic plots, two of which are "Vinha de Cerdeiredo” and "Vinha das Lamelas”.


Quinta da Raza – Vineyards Collection – Vinha de Cerdeiredo – 2020 harvest

This Red Vinho Verde, with a distinct concept, reflects our desire to innovate and bring a bit of modernity to the most current style, using for this purpose a collection of traditional red grape varieties from the Region that have fallen into oblivion.

Produced in the Cerdeiredo Vineyard, the oldest on the Quinta, which was planted with the aim of preserving the wide variety of red grapes that existed on the property during the major restructuring that took place in 1991, and which keeps varieties such as Azal Tinto, Borraçal, Vinhão, Padeiro, Rabo de Ovelha, Espadeiro, Touriga Nacional and others yet to be identified. It is a wine that intends to reflect the lightness, elegance and freshness of the region's grape varieties, the "terroir” of Basto and some irreverence of the producer.

The grapes are harvested manually into small boxes (20 kg) and only in the morning. The grapes, not destemmed, are trodden by foot and fermented in centuries-old granite "lagares”. After being pressed, the wine aged in stainless steel vats for 24 months before bottling.

Quinta da Raza Vinha do Cerdeiredo is a ruby-colored wine, with aromas of wild berries, with a low alcohol content, light, smooth and dry. Delicious served with roasted octopus and pork. Especially nice with barbecues.


Quinta da Raza – Vineyards Collection – Vinha das Lamelas – 2022 harvest

This white Vinho Verde from the Gouveio variety was produced from a single vineyard, Vinha das Lamelas. Sculpted into terraces on a schist mountain, the vines are planted in a circular fashion on slopes exposed to all the cardinal points.

The Gouveio variety, practically forgotten in the Region, proved to be extremely well-adapted to the "terroir” of this place and therefore deserved to be part of this collection of unique wines.

The grapes are harvested manually and to small boxes. The grapes are destemmed and then pressed at low pressure. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks. This wine was subjected to "batonnage” during the six months prior to bottling.

Quinta da Raza Vinha das Lamelas presents intense aromas of white pulp fruit that emerge as the wine evolves in the glass. Ripe fruit notes make the wine gain another dimension in the mouth where it is surprisingly soft and delicate. This wine has good aging potential, developing additional complexity. It is an ideal wine to accompany light dishes, fish, Asian meals, seafood, white meats and cheeses.