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The Vinho Verde wines which match with summer

With the summer coming, our palate appeals to new sensations! And with temperatures rising, there is the opportunity to enjoy the best of the season. Quinta da Raza leaves you some suggestions for this time of year, which will match your moments of relaxation...

What are you looking for in summer wines?

Freshness is the keyword for the wines most fit for this season. In a season which combines with a lighter gastronomy, Vinho Verde wines are the main stars. In them, you can find the refreshing taste suitable for hot weather. And it's indescribable the feeling of looking at a cold bottle in a natural destination!

In the region of Basto, where Quinta da Raza is located, the freshness is due to its indigenous varieties, unique in the country. In them, young wines are produced, light in colour and with slightly citrus or fruity flavours.

The freshness of the Vinho Verde wines Dom Diogo Azal and Dom Diogo Padeiro

Our wines are not exclusive for one season! Due to its versatile personality, we consider that any time of the year allows you to appreciate the details that make up our Vinho Verde wines. However, when summer comes, Dom Diogo Azal and Dom Diogo Padeiro are two references which appeal to freshness!

Dom Diogo Azal is an elegant white Vinho Verde wine, with citrus aroma, with notes of lemon balm and green apple, balanced and crispy at the end. Its composition makes it perfect to pair with salads, fish and shellfish or poultry meats. To appreciate it in the best conditions, we advise it is served between 8ºC and 10ºC. 

Dom Diogo Padeiro is a rose wine of a rare variety where the aromas of raspberries and wild strawberries are predominant with a smooth finish and full of intensity. In summer, serve it in an outdoor space, accompanied by an aperitif and you will feel its freshness, like never before! With main meals, it is suitable for salads, fish, shellfish, poultry meats or pasta with tomato sauce. The temperature should be around 8ºC to 10ºC. 

If our suggestions were to your liking and you are eager to get involved by the freshness of these two references of Don Diogo, in a few days you can have them in your home! Just access the Quinta da Raza Online Store and take advantage of the free shipping for deliveries in Portugal.

An excellent summer for everyone, always with Portuguese wines, of course!