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Varietal or blend wine - Find out the main differences

If you have a particular taste for wines, the terms blend and varietal will not be foreign to you at all. However, the distinction between these nomenclatures and their particularities is not always immediate.

To fit in the use of these two terms, we have to go back in time. There were times in history when wines were classified by their DOC (Registered Designation of Origin) regions and name of the property. At that time, it was of little importance to identify the type of grapes that originated a wine. 

However, with the evolution of the times, it became essential that, when tasting a wine, it was possible to determine the type of grapes or variety of grapes that were at the origin of that nectar. It was this decision that was at the origin of the creation of blend wines or varietal wines

And how to distinguish a blend wine from a varietal wine? 

With this focus on grape varieties, the labels now contain information about the grape varieties used in each unit. This way, the division between blends and varietals became very clear.

Thus, a varietal wine has a composition mainly of one grape variety, with the monovarietals representing 100% a single grape variety.

In turn, a blend wine is the result of the combination of several grape varieties. In these references, the experience and savoir faire of a Winemaker can make a difference! Like an art or a balance game, the winemaker works the symbiosis between acidity, freshness, fruity flavour and other important characteristics for each wine, until perfection is achieved! 

However, when compared, none of the options is more authentic or of superior quality. They are just different strains that add value and diversity to your tasting. It will always depend a lot on the particular taste of each wine lover! 

The Vinho Verde wines of Quinta da Raza

Quinta da Raza overflows with tradition for Portuguese wines. With a unique terroir and very rich in unique grape varieties, the result is a very wide wine portfolio. 

In this region, where Vinho Verde wine is the king, you can find a wide range of blends and monovarietal options - solely dedicated to one variety. In a territory with these characteristics, true wealth rests on the possibility of being able to show the authenticity of each reference, be it a blend wine or a varietal wine. 

With this diversity, it is possible, in each tasting, a more precise understanding of the authentic flavours of each variety! And nothing better than testing your palate and defining your personal preference.