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Which Vinho Verde wines pair with fish and seafood?

If there is a season where fish and shellfish gain even more relevance, it is in the summer! And Vinho Verde wine fits like a glove in the freshest menus of this season. Here is a careful selection of aromas that are more suitable for that lunch or dinner you have in mind. 

When preparing a meal, the choice of drinks that accompany each moment must be careful and not random. A bad option can ruin the entire tasting experience.  

And when it comes to Vinho Verde wines, one thing is certain: these delicate wines love to be surrounded by light delicacies. Fish and shellfish are, therefore, the obvious choice which nature - in its perfection - allows to make. Both seafood and the most appreciated fish in our Portuguese cuisine have unique characteristics that fit the personality of national Vinho Verde wines.  

Being light dishes, you can only get the most out of the pleasure of tasting through the combination of nectars which do not obscure the flavour, but bring something more to it and enable the sensations the palate receives in each moment. 

It is also with the result of this combination that you get the best out of each sip, wanting it to take long enough and with time to appreciate every detail! 

Quinta da Raza's suggestions to bring to your table

If you are preparing a fish or seafood menu take a look at the Quinta da Raza´s references that we consider the ideal companions to have at your table. The selection we present to you accompanies the lightness which characterizes these dishes. The freshness is the common element among all of them, perfectly matching the hot summer days!

If the meal deserves a more intense wine, the freshness but also the complexity of Quinta da Raza Avesso, Quinta da Raza Alvarinho or the best of both worlds - Quinta da Raza Avesso / Alvarinho - will certainly be a great option for unforgettable moments.

For a more relaxed meal, why not try Dom Diogo Padeiro, a rose Vinho Verde wine with an aroma of berries? It is an alternative that will surprise your guests on a summer night.

If seafood is present in the starter dish, you can start the meal with a Quinta da Raza Sparkling Wine or a Raza Pet Nat which will give you the perfect harmony for this first moment.