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Wine Tourism

World Wine Tourism Day at Quinta da Raza


World Wine Tourism Day was established in 2009 by RECEVIN- European Wine Cities Network and it is held annually on the second sunday of November. This year it is celebrated on November 8th. This special day has been an important moment of affirmation of Wine Tourism at the Global level. For 10 years this initiative was celebrated only in Europe. This year, it’s celebration was extended to be on a World scale, with the participation of Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The World Wine Tourism Day aims to reinforce the dissemination of the culture, heritage and traditions, as well as the wine producers and their wine tourism, thus valuing the various vineyards territory.

Portugal has a rich cultural heritage associated with the wine. It is a country with a strong wine tradition and has excellent quality of its wines, recognised throughout the world. These enjoy a great diversity and uniqueness. And to appreciate and get to know them, there is nothing like visiting the regions where they are produced, with wines being an excellent excuse to also discover the landscapes, the heritage, the gastronomy, the culture and the people who live there.

In the extreme northwest of Portugal, in the area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho, the Vinho Verde Region leads us through a stunning landscape, also green in colour. In terms of geographical area, it is the largest Portuguese demarcated wine Region and one of the largest in Europe. The great diversity of soil types and microclimates justify the division of the region into nine sub-regions, (from north to south): Monção and Melgaço; Lima; Basto; Cávado; Ave; Amarante; Baião; Sousa e Paiva.

Quinta da Raza is located in the Basto Sub-Region, being the most inland of the Vinho Verde region, therefore protected from the Atlantic sea winds.

The surrounding nature of Celorico de Basto is one of its greatest heritage attributes, having from the neighbouring viewpoints, namely Alto do Viso and the Castle of Arnoia, fabulous views that extend from the Tâmega valley to the Alvão and Marão mountains.

In terms of gastronomy, specialties in the Basto region include "cabidela” rice (chicken rice with its blood), cabbage with beans and bacon, Portuguese stew, roasted goat or mountain cheese, not forgetting the sponge cake, "cavacas” and homemade pudding.

Vinho Verde, unique in the world, is an excellent reason to discover this region!

When visiting Quinta da Raza, you can do it in complete safety. Recently, we have received the Clean & Safe distinction, attributed to tourism companies that comply with the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health.

We look forward to welcoming you, with good mood and healthy, to appreciate and enjoy our wine tastings!