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Product: Vinho Verde | Red Wine | (DOC)
Grape Variety: 100% Vinhão
Vintage: 2019
Sub-region: Basto 
Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.
Total Acidity: 7.80 g(tartaric acid)/l
pH: 3.55
Winemaking process
This wine results from a rigorous selection of our best Vinhão grapes and the perfect communion between technique and tradition. The grape crop is picked manually into small boxes and only in the morning. The grapes are destemmed and then pressed by the traditional method, trodden in stone tanks (lagares). Alcoholic fermentation takes place at controlled temperature. It is a non-filtered wine, and is therefore liable to create sediment.
Tasting notes
This is a very dark red colour wine, vinous, soft and dry, with a berry fruits aroma.

Food pairings
This wine is delicious served with regional Portuguese meals like "papas de sarrabulho”, "rojões”, "arroz de cabidela”, lamprey, sardines and codfish. It is delicious with smoked eel and pork, and especially pleasant with barbecues.

This wine should be served at a temperature between 10ºC – 12ºC.

Store in a horizontal position in a cool, dark place free from strong and foreign odours or vibrations, at a constant temperature.


CVRVV - Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes
Gold Medal- The Best "Vinho Verde" Contest 2020.
Vintage 2019


Portugal Wine Trophy 
Gold Medal
Colheita 2015


CVRVV - Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes
Gold Medal - The Best "Vinho Verde" contest 2010.
Colheita 2009

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