Raza Tinto Nat


Raza Tinto Nat

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Product: Red Natural Wine

Grape Variety: VINHÃO

Vintage: 2021

Alcohol: 12% vol.

Total Acidity: 8 g (tartaric acid)/l)

Residual Sugar: <1,5 g/l

pH: 3,30

Winemaking Process

This RAZA TINTO NAT reflects a minimal-intervation approach, letting nature dictates the fermentation with wild yeasts. The grapes are foot tread in cntury old stone "lagares" (stone tanks), the wine is then decanted and bottled.


Tasting Notes

This wine is dark red, packed with black red fruits flavours The high acidity is the expression of the grape characteristics and of the terroir. Because of the low intervation, natural sediments may occur.


Food Pairings

Ideal with blue fishes and pork, especially in a outdoor barbecue celebrating pleasurable moments.



Service temperature between 10º - 12ºC.