Quinta da Raza has around 50 hectares of vineyards, located in Lugar de Peneireiros in the Basto Sub-region (DOC), in the heart of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region.

Quinta da Raza vineyard and winery landscape

An unique place

With a history that goes back more than four centuries, there are many memories that have crossed generations of the Teixeira Coelho family, who continue to have the same passion and dedication.

With a favoured location within the Minho Region, it has a microclimate influenced by the river Tâmega and the Serra do Marão, which intersect the Atlantic winds. Raza’s vineyards grow here with the care and conditions that this unique region so generously offers.

The baskets of the grapes rest by the vines. Vineyard landscape of Quinta da Raza.

With magnificent sun exposure, an altitude of 250 metres and soils of granite origin with clay-schist areas, uncommon in the Vinho Verde Region, the Quinta da Raza vineyard has a unique terroir, with the vineyard noted for the quality of the grapes produced here, ranging from Azal, Arinto, Avesso, Vinhão and Trajadura to Alvarinho.

Quinta da Raza aims for a natural balance with the surrounding natural environment, preserving biodiversity and promoting this symbiosis, which is reflected in an integrated environmental production system.

Malhado the dog and faithful companion of Quinta da Raza, rests by the vineyard.

Tradition in our hands

With tradition and innovation going hand-in-hand, Quinta da Raza wines preserve traditional techniques such as hand picking, treading red grapes in centuries-old stone tanks and cross-generational knowledge of the production of these unique and delicate wines, with the help of modern, bold, innovative and future-ready technology.

The must of the future red vinho verde of Quinta da Raza, in the centuries-old stone tanks.