Quinta da Raza is located in the Basto sub-regionPortuguese Wines are divided into 14 DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) wine regions.

Map of the Vinho Verde Region and the Basto subregion, the home of Quinta da Raza.

A region to discover

The Vinho Verde Region is one of the largest and oldest in Europe, extending across the northwest of the country. It has around 34 000 hectares of vineyards, corresponding to 15% of Portugal’s vineyard area. To the north it is bounded by the river Minho, which separates Portugal from Galicia (Spain), to the south by the river Douro and the Freita, Arada and Montemuro mountain ranges that separate it from the Douro, to the east by the Peneda, Gerês, Cabreira and Marão mountain ranges, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

Demarcated in 1908, the Vinho Verde region has historical mentions dating back to the Roman Empire.

A bunch of grapes in our hands.

Quinta da Raza's vineyards lie in the Basto sub-region, in the heart of the Vinho Verde region.
The microclimate provided by the river Tâmega and the mountains surrounding Quinta da Raza, the richness of our native grape varieties and our experience and dedication result in wines with a distinct personality.

Our Vinhos Verdes have their own identity, and are elegant, fresh, well-balanced and unique due to their heritage.

The nature and the vineyard that embraces the Quinta da Raza winery.