Grape varieties

Generous region. Passionate grape varieties.

The geography and richness of our region provide us with a diversity of noble grape varieties that give typicality and harmonious uniqueness to the wines of our region.
We combine our native and vinho verde grape varieties such as Azal, Arinto, Avesso, Vinhão, Padeiro, Trajadura and Alvarinho with each other in passionate blends, but we also let each noble variety express its DNA and lead us to a deeper knowledge of its identity in monovarietal wines.

Alvarinho is a high quality grape variety. The wines are intense in colour with citrus reflections. The flavours are soft and persistent, and the aromas are distinct and delicate but also complex, with a predominant but fruity floral character (peach, banana, lemon), with notes of almond and caramel.

Bunch of grapes - Alvarinho

Arinto is a very productive noble grape variety. The wines are a citrine colour. The flavours are fresh and harmonious, and the aromas very fruity (peach, ripe apple and pear) and slightly floral.

Bunch of grapes - Arinto

Avesso is a high quality grape variety, very vigorous and rustic. The wines are an intense citrine colour, with bright straw and greenish reflections. The aroma is mixed but predominantly fruity (orange and peach), with almond and floral notes, making for a delicate, subtle and complex wine. Its flavour is fruity, slightly acidic, fresh, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent.

Bunch of grapes - Avesso

Another high quality noble grape variety from the Basto sub-region. The wines are a bright citrine colour. The flavour and aroma are clearly fruity (lemon and green apple) not overly intense, fine, pleasant, fresh and citrus, with a slightly acidic aftertaste.

Bunch of grapes - Azal

A high quality noble grape variety from the Basto sub-region. The wines are a clear citrine colour, with soft and warm flavours and an intense aroma of ripe orchard fruits (apple, pear and peach).

Bunch of grapes - Trajadura

This is a noble grape variety from the Basto sub-region, recovered and renewed in Rosé wines with a harmonious profile, tasty and with berry fruit aromas.

Bunch of grapes - Padeiro

Vinhão is another high quality noble grape variety and the only regional red variety. The wines are an intense garnet red colour, and the aroma is vinous with berry aromas (blackberry and raspberry). It also has a vinous and full-bodied flavour.

Bunch of grapes - Vinhão