Distinct Terroir

The Basto sub-region has a unique terroir. The gentle slopes, the richness of our soil, the magnificent sun exposure and a generous microclimate make this a remarkable and genuine region. But our greatest fortune lies in the hands of all who so passionately devote themselves to Quinta da Raza's vineyard and wine.

Very mountainous with river valleys. The Basto sub-region is the most inland region, with an average altitude of 250m.

The soils are granitic, with sandy loam predominating within them. They are shallow with some clay and schist areas, as at Quinta da Raza.


The Basto sub-region has a large temperature range. The climate is harsher than in the rest of the Vinho Verde Region, very cold in winter and very hot and dry in summer.

The grapes used are the native varieties used since ancient times in this region.