Wine tourism is one of the segments of tourism in Portugal, a journey motivated by the enjoyment of the flavour and aroma of wine and the traditions and culture of the places that produce wine in Portugal. Wine tourists are not necessarily just wine consumers, but rather enthusiasts of the production and culture associated with wine itself.

Located in Lugar de Peneireiros, Celorico de Basto, in the Basto Sub-Region (DOC), Quinta da Raza has a terroir that is unique for the mountains that surround it and the River Tâmega flowing through it. This encounter with nature produced the gentle slopes resting beneath magnificent sunlight, which is important for the granite and clay-schist soil in Raza.

We believe that it is not by chance that our name goes so well with the word "casa” (home). In fact, Raza has everything that is associated with the imagery that soothes the soul. The many hectares in it breathe familiarity and reflect the care with which they are worked. By people of the land. By people who have known it for so many years, for so many harvests.

This all contributes to the production of distinctive wines made from the Azal, Arinto, Alvarinho, Trajadura, Avesso, Padeiro and Vinhão varieties. "This” and the fact that Quinta da Raza is a generations-old Portuguese Estate. A patriarch passing on the art he loves to the person he loves. The history dating back centuries, always linked to the Teixeira Coelho family, is today told by Diogo and Mafalda Teixeira Coelho, for many years now disciples of the knowledge that was handed down to them and which is reflected in the prizes that have been won by the vinhos verdes produced by Raza.

Visiting Quinta da Raza means enjoying the panoramic terrace with breathtaking views over the vineyards, Alvão and Marão; assorted wine tastings, thematic wine tastings, or having a picnic in the vineyard… are just some of the experiences we provide.

We have different wine tourism programmes available to our visitors!

Experience 1

Surprise yourself with the pairing of 2 Quinta da Raza wines with a can of Portuguese organic preserves 

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Experience 2

Workshop - A trip through the "Vinhos Verdes” of the Basto Regionn 

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Experience 3

The Producer's weekly choice

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Experience 4

Surprise yourself with the pairing of three natural Quinta da Raza Wines

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Experience 5

Wine tasting + Picnic

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Experience 6

The Nature, Habits and Costums of the Basto Region - Wine tasting + Rafting on the Tâmega river

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Experience 7

The Nature, Habits and Costums of the Basto Region - Wine tasting + Canyoning

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Experience 8

The Nature, Habits and Costums of the Basto Region - Wine tasting + Buggy Tour 4x4

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